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Saturday, August 26, 2006

On The Fence?

As a Realtor I find many of my clients waiting for prices to go down which they have. Many people say to me "You probably don't want prices to go down?" My response suprises them. I think the market could not and should not substain these prices. I too was was a first time buyer.

I just read an acrticle that stated the rates have gone down the last 4 weeks in a row. I now read an acrticle that states it is a 5th week which I will post in my my next blog. I believe this comes from Federal Reserve not raising the rates.

I was at the Dr. office the other day and they all know I am a Realtor and one gal said "Wow the rates are so high we can't buy" I thought were did she get that idea?

When you read a newspaper article read beyond the the title. I often find when I see articles, I find out after I read after the first paragrah there is more to the story. In my opinion this is a great time for buyers to get into the market especially with the rates and so much inventory. It is also good for sellers as long as they are in tune with the market this also makes sense for them.

I am 100% right? I cant say yes or no I can only say it is my opinion. If you would like more information or would like to post your ideas please feel free to do so.

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