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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If I May?

My Job here is to post the latest real estate news and I can say the worst that was expected did not seem to happen at least not yet. Rates are good prices have come down but we are still hanging in there, and I have come across a great loan program to be posted next, but If I may I would like to completely step out of base and mention something exciting in my small family. After 2 weeks of Lake Hodges being open and fishing being poor according to the North County Times (2/22/07) "There were 185 anglers who reported 52 bass and and 21 crappie. Top catch was John Sturm, Oceanside, on a top water bait."
John Sturm would be my husband who is an devoted bass fisherman as well as a devoted husband and son, and technology coordinator at Pacific View Charter School.
Yes I would like to sing his praises as he would never think to. To my wonderful husband ! Way to go John! I love you! Stay tune as I get back to Real Estate and share a new loan program with you. Take Care.

1 comment:

charlotte said...

You are beautiful and a success! Keep on selling girlfriend!